Introducing the MONEY 101 Book

COVER Money 101.pngWhen I decided to write a book about money, I quickly realised that there is a lot of material out there about money. I have always been a student of the subject of personal finance and I concluded that most of our literature doesn’t address the unemployed and those people who don’t have money. I then decided that the day I write about money, I will include everyone. That is why I wrote a simple book about how to make, keep and grow money. The book introduces principles that will take you to the next level financially, irrespective of where it finds you. The most important thing to the person who has no money is fist to make money; but the one who works, earns a salary but is always broke focuses more on keeping more of his/her money. To the person with savings that are not growing, they want to know how to invest in such a way that they can multiply their money.

Money 101 is my personal contribution to finance literature from one layman to another. It is the average person’s guide to changing your mindset about money and designing simple systems that will ensure success in personal money management.

I invite to order this book on or if you are in South Africa you can order by depositing R150 into Absa. PM Pheeha. 4075135915. Email physical address and phone number to and use your name as reference. Postage additional R100 or free delivery in the Johannesburg area.


This house must be paid off!!!

Update on the house to follow soon


I bought this house in August 2007 and I have been living here since then. In 2007 when I bought this house the repayments were more than half of my nett salary. From those days my salary has increased tenfold, so the question we are answering today is: If my salary increased ten times, and my bond repayments have actually reduced over the years, why have I not paid off this house? The truth of the matter is that I have only paid the minimum required by the bank over the past eight years and therefore when you look at the statement I have only paid a mere twenty percent of the original debt. So let me take some time and share some lessons I wish I had known about home ownership and money and one or two confessions along the way

I must confess that stupidity reigned in…

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Unmarried and Broody….


I am turning 39 in 9 days and I haven’t stopped thinking about having children since I saw my rheumatologist. During my consultation with her we started discussing the topic of getting pregnant. More than the patient-doctor relationship we also discuss all sorts of life related things bluntly and honestly. My doctor is also a Christian and she married late, so she understands the complexities of a single christian woman wanting to have children. Somewhere in the discussion she started telling me about her friend who had harvested her eggs and decided to get an invitro at the age of 42 and now she has a child. The friend regretted not going through with the pregnancy earlier and given a second chance she would have had that child much earlier, I figured much earlier than 39.

She then went on to give me referrals of a doctor and some good fertility clinics. It was not an uncomfortable discussion, it was a matter of fact discussion that was held with care and compassion. It took me back to about 5 years earlier when my boss suggested that I freeze my eggs. I was shocked, simply because I had never considered such a thing. I am not your average broody woman, I get broody once in a while but in the main I’m okay not having children of my own. That night after the strange suggestion from my boss I started researching on freezing my eggs. After my research I concluded that it would make more sense to freeze a fertilised egg since they are more stable that unfertilised ones.

I thought long and hard about it and managed to get myself depressed in the process and at the end I didn’t go through with it. I’m one of those people that believe in giving myself the option should I ever decide to have children so maybe I should reopen the discussion with myself. On most days though I just think it is so much easier to find a willing candidate and just do the natural thing and viola 9 months later at zero cost the nana is here. I can see all your disapproving looks so I quickly get rid of that idea.

I hope this post gives you a glimpse of what goes on in the head of the single woman in her late thirties. The woman who wants children but doesn’t want to be a single mom. The woman who wants to freeze an embryo but wants her child to know his/her dad. The woman who gapes at cute children at the park and on social media and wonders: will my turn ever come? On a few bad days I am that woman but I manage to drag myself to see a better day on the other side.

May I please not hear stories of Sarah was 99 when she had her first child or Janet Jackson was 52. I honestly don’t want to run after a toddler when I’m 101 or 55 so that line is not encouraging at all, it makes me want to scream in your face.

Fighting Rheumatoid Arthritis

In 2008 just before I turned 30 I started experiencing pain in my left elbow. I concluded that the pain was due to my excessive use of the laptop and used pain medicine to manage it, until it became so bad that my elbow and wrist were starting to be deformed and I couldn’t straighten my arm anymore. I visited an orthopeadic surgeon who recommended surgery to straighten my arm. Just before surgery he asked me more questions and canned the surgery and told me that I sound like I have arthritis. I started weeping uncontrollably, I never knew that young people could have arthritis and in my village only grandmothers had arthritis and all I remembered was that they were in constant pain especially when it got cold.

The dr referred me to a rheumatologist who was shocked by how active my disease was. At that time my Rhematoid Factor was 163. I went through treatment of a very high dose of Metothexrate, Plasmoquin, Iron supplements and monthly steroid injections on my knees and on the elbow. In 2011 all my symptoms were gone and I came off the medication. The deformity in my arm was gone and my wrist was fully functional.

Three months ago I started experiencing shoulder pain. At first I thought it may have been the weights at gym and I stopped all shoulder exercises. The shoulders kept getting worse and the one ankle followed. The fatigue was crazy and I knew the Rhematoid arthritis was back. I didn’t want to believe it. I kept praying and postponing to go to the dr. I was struggling to get dressed, put on lotion, carry stuff and I went to see my GP with my blood results. When he saw a Rhematoid Factor of 126 he panicked and he started mumbling and going through papers on his desk. He made me panic and I immediately went to my rheumatologist without an appointment. I just got to her practice and camped until she saw me. She gave me steroid injections , encouraged me, told me the disease was better than the last time, put me back on methotrexate and now I’m ready to fight.

This is how I fight this disease: I will eat as health as I possibly can, I will exercise as much as it is possible without hurting myself (I listen to my body), I will take my medication as prescribed and honor all my appointments and then I will pray for myself. My latest prayer is this: “I speak to my white blood cells and I command all the confusion to end. The joints are not out enemy, I clear up all confusion in the name of Jesus and I command you to work correctly.” When I take my pills I pray: ” this body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and rheumatoid arthritis theres no room for you, I command you to leave in the name of Jesus.” I know it sounds crazy but it’s my fight and I don’t really have time to sound cute. I memorise bible verses about healing and repeat them to myself.

I know the same way the disease left in 2011 it shall surely leave again.